Name Country Paid
Marijancic, Bozo Croatia Paid
Klos, Steffen Germany Paid
Doms, Luc Belgium Paid
Webster, jennifer Margaret England Paid
Tesching, Klaus Germany Paid
R K, Barath Karthi India Paid
Storme, Renee South Africa Paid
Paramonti, Michael Germany Paid
Klapp, Lutz Germany Paid
Kranos, Pantelis Cyprus Paid
Boers, Cor Netherlands Paid
Gerlach, Wolfgang DY Germany Paid
Resch, Helmut Austria Paid
Bastion, Ann New Zealand Paid
van der Logt, Anges Indonesia Paid
Stolte, Jürgen Germany Paid
Farinha, Magda South Africa Paid
Gledhill, Christopher England Paid
Bogenhofer, Elzabe South Africa Paid
Ludwig, Peter Germany Paid
Chenna, SEETA RAMA RAO (RAJA) India Paid
Airston, Dave England Paid
Simsek, Ozcan Turkey  

Last update 18th Jan. Next Update 25th Jan.

Please note that entrants who have paid not via Paypal the status can be delayed as local payments via bank transfer.